To share your memories, whether text, video, audio, photo, whatever, of Chris Reimer, please email nikki(dot)reimer(at)gmail(dot)com.


We’d be happy to add your memories to this page.

3 responses to “Contact

  1. Dan Henderson

    The people who knew him should know how far Women’s music has gone in changing this world. I know how much its influenced me, and I just want to show support to Christopher Reimer’s loved ones. In this day and age, artists never truly know how far their music has spread, and this is me paying homage to one of my favorites. Thanks for you time

    Daniel Reginald Henderson
    Halifax, Nova Scotia

  2. Sarah Ford

    I can’t begin to say how sad I am to hear about Chris. I first met him when I was 17 and we remained pals even after I moved from Calgary. We were always excited to run into each other, whether at a show in Toronto or at a party when I was visiting home, and we could pick up conversation like we’d seen each other the week before. Chris is such a positive man, so laid back and always ready for a laugh. He’s without a doubt one of the kindest people I’ve known, and everyone who had a chance to meet him would say the same thing. I’ve always been really proud of Chris and the rest of Women for making a go of it in music, and it’s very touching to see how many people appreciate him for his contribution to music.

    I never heard Chris say a bad word about anyone. It’s so sad to me that such a sweet person has gone far too soon, but I am very happy that Chris considered me a friend and can’t help but remember him by the smile that he constantly seemed to have on his face.

  3. Devon Giancarlo

    I lived with Chris for a while, and I don’t know if I ever met an easier person to joke around with. He had a sarcastic but never bitter sense of humor that was pretty much perfect. Also could nail about a thousand different guitar styles. So sorry everybody.

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