Grace Jones

Chris Reimer aka “Mirage”

I first met Chris in Chicago a few years ago when he was playing a festival with Women. He was by far the shyest of the group, the hardest to read but there was always something sincere in those blue eyes.

In our first 24 hours of meeting we all got drunk and ended up in a make shift fight club in some musty Chicago basement. The friendship kind of took care of itself from there.

I remember later that same weekend, still strangers but instantly great mates, we talked about the future. I asked him what he would be doing if he wasn’t making music, he looked at me like that was the most insane question ever asked in the history of the world and he replied ‘nothing’.

Chris was the first person who ever taught me what it meant to be a real musician, not just someone who puts out records or gets up on stage but someone who gave a shit about making music and nothing else.

Chris was a solo artist as well. He created amazing, stunning, striking, stomach wrenchingly beautiful noise, yet so delicate, so intense all you can do when you listen to it is want to curl up in a ball and submerge yourself in his world.

I will never get over the fact he won’t be making music again.

Chris leaving us is shocking in every sense of the word, but the real tragedy is simply, we all lost such an incredible human being.

Chris had the best sense of humor out there. He was kind and thoughtful, once you were his friend, you knew you were there for life.

My heart is broken for his family, for Rena and for his friends.

I was trying to think about what would be my lasting thought or conversation I had with Chris, with how Chris would want me to remember him and I honestly couldn’t think of anything. That’s because Chris wasn’t someone who needed your attention.  He simply held it. He wasn’t someone who tried to impress. He was just impressive. He didn’t go out of his way to try and be anything special. Because he already was.

I wish we had time for one more beer together.


Also here is funny picture I found, I had some way funnier ones where he was super hung over but he would have killed me. Here we were at Union Pool, we tried to set a world record for the number of people doing a shot in a photo booth at once.
Dumb shit, but really funny.

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