Lindsey Baker


I am so, so, unspeakably sorry for your loss. I’m sure you know this, but it bears repeating: Everybody loves Chris.

He was wicked smart, funny as hell, and talented and humble in equal measure. I know that most people, myself included, got to meet Chris and know him as an incredible musician, but what struck me most and endeared him to me was that his talent with music was exceeded by his character as a human. He was loyal, considerate, modest, and would help a friend at the drop of a hat. He was an instant ally, and was always trying to make things easier, or more fun for everyone in the room. It is a remarkable and rare thing, and gave me infinite respect and gratitude for knowing him.


I’ve been photographing Chris in a number of bands since we met, and he helped me with a special project I did, on Calgary musicians with their favorite amplifiers. As I mentioned to him at the time, he was our golden boy for the project, because he was always building some crazy new way to make sounds, and (in his words) being a gear geek could finally pay off. He cracked a joke about needing to go to Supercuts before having his picture taken, and then showed up, no questions asked, with boxes full of guitar pedals and this beautiful custom rig he’d built. It was perfect, and it was because of him.

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