Michael Whelan


I’m very sorry for your loss. I never got to meet Chris in person, but I did get a chance to see Women when they played in Dublin, Ireland in Novemeber ’08. I listen to them almost everyday and was very saddened when I was told of Chris’s death. I made this in pattern collage of his image in Photoshop and wanted to share it with you.
He was an inspirational musician and I wish I had the chance to meet him in person. Thanks for making this site.
Take care

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  1. http://music.cbc.ca/#/blogs/2012/2/Womens-Chris-Reimer-Remembered-Podcast-309
    Thanks, Michael, so much.
    I wanted to send along this link, please have a listen to CBC Radio 3’s Grant Lawrence’s remembrances of Chris and his music. Our blog community is still coming to grips, and are wishing you all the best.

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