Benjamin Middleton

Hi Nikki,

I knew Chris in a very general sort of way, mostly acquainted through mutual friends and from going to shows etc. We spoke only a handful of times; I always had a “bro crush” on Chris and wanted to pick his brain about pedals or talk about deerhoof records…

I was lucky enough to see him perform very intimately, quite literally in my kitchen for what must have been a very early “Women” gig and one of the last shows “Azeda Booth” shows as a sextet…. quintet if memory serves Marc wasn’t present.

Even though I wasn’t close with him, Chris had this “sunshine prince” quality that made you feel like you had been pals your whole life when you were around him….everyone already has said so many wonderful truths about him, much better than I ever could.

My wife Carole Mathys was great enough to find some pictures from when Chris played our house the last time in…2008? 2009? They aren’t the best quality so she also made a small drawing of Chris… here is a picture of it.

Sending so much love and really missing “Palgary”

-Ben Middleton and Carole Mathys

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  1. This drawing is absolutely amazing!!! Awesome stuff!

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