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With thanks to all of the artists involved, CMG Podcast 121—our most RAWK-centric mix in ages, just in time for summer’s long wind-down—is dedicated to the release of Chris Reimer’s The Chad Tape, a gorgeous song from which you’ll hear below. From Chris’ Bandcamp page:

Some time ago Chad VanGaalen approached Chris Reimer of Women offering to reproduce a cassette tape of Chris’ solo work. Chris started work on this but passed away before completing the project. His closest friends have assembled the songs he intended for the tape, laid it out with Chris’s own writing and artwork and now this tape is available here for you.

All proceeds from The Chad Tape will go to the Chris Reimer Legacy Fund, an organization run by Chris’ family and friends that is dedicated to providing scholarships for children in music and dance education. You can read more about the Legacy Fund, and Chris, here:

It’s well worth your ten bucks, especially for those of us who recognize Reimer’s contributions as a major reason why Women will stand as one of Canada’s all-time greatest bands. It also serves as a terrific late-night companion to this definitely more aggressive (Ty Segall, the Men, a Thee Oh Sees track that kinda sounds like old Dandy Warhols except not shitty, somehow), melodic (new Chad VanGaalen, Each Other, Micachu, Deerhoof), and Books-y (five cuts from their Oddities collection, because…well, because the Books are fucking awesome) podcast. One which also features a closer from the Swans that, with the right candles and incantations, will summon Michael Gira to devour you whole. Maybe I should’ve kept that part a surprise; enjoy anyway, I guess:

Download mp3 (192kbps)

Cover jpeg


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