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Remembering Chris

Dear Nikki.

My name is (william) James (J.J.) Mathison — people tend to decide what name I go by…  Chris called me Jimmy.  I like that.

I have been punishing my soft little brain for days to find the right words to express my sorrow to you and your family, to all friends of Chris, to myself.  Mostly I have been drinking;  trying to make some sense of it all.  We did a lot of that together, Chris and I.

We didn’t rely on finding the right words too much when we were together.  No doubt Chris had them there, somewhere in that sad-brilliant mind of his.

We drove around.  We were fucking hilarious.  Everybody knows Chris was fucking hilarious.

We hugged a lot.

Smart people tend to be intuitively unhapppy.  Chris was un-happy a great deal when I knew him best.  This made sense to me.

Stupid-happy people are boring.  Sad-smart people are interesting.  Chris was really goddamn interesting.  I think we bonded.

(in case you’re wondering:  sad-stupid people need to just cheer the fuck up already.) Continue reading


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Jordan Lane

Hi Nikki,

I don’t believe we’ve met but I wanted to offer my condolences for the loss of your brother, and share a few memories of him. Chris briefly played bass in I Die Screaming, a grindcore band I formed with another friend who’d seen him play in Veritas. When we’d gotten wind Veritas were calling it a day we wanted Chris and his incredible talents in our metal band. His tenure was brief, playing on a demo we recorded before leaving the band to focus on other projects.

We were disappointed but understood. What was amazing to me was a year or so later when he sent me recordings of his project The Exercises, playing phenomenal noisy grind. He said he’d missed playing in IDS and wanted to start something in a similar vein; it was funny to find out that he’d put together a far better take on the genre by himself as a side project than the rest of us had managed to come up with focusing on it as our main outlet. The funny thing is, IDS continued on for a few more years, but as a trio; we never filled that bass spot. Continue reading

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Remembering Chris

Hi Nikki,

First, my deepest sympathies for the loss of your brother. You’ve set up a great site to remember him and it’s really nice, as a person who unfortunately never met Chris personally, to read stories and memories.

I’ve posted an article on my site about Chris and my one and only real memory of his gift.

Video of the Day: In Memory of Chris Reimer

Take care…

Chris Andrade

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Logan Kroeber

This was my last correspondence with Chris. Despite being brief it says so much about him. Even in passing he was the thoughtful, creative, and hilarious person I will miss so much. I was so excited at the prospect of writing songs together, touring the world, and all the other little plans we made. I wish I would have told him that. But still, I’m so glad that my last words to him could let him know that we loved him, and we were missing him already.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012 2:38 PM

Don’t lose any fingers in this cold snap bud. It’s freezing at night down here so I can only imagine what’s happening up there. Saw this the other day: a reminder of warmer times in Cowtown. Hope you and Rena are swell!

Thursday, January 19, 2012 5:03 PM
Bro City!!!!

Its the very truth. Its been the fuck cold up here for a little while. But it was so nice right before, it must be wreaking all kinds of havoc in the animal kingdom. I just hope they have access to jackets. Preferably made out of their own skins. Anyways…
Thanks for the vid and warm wishes!! I have never seen a skate video shot in cowtown before, its pretty cool seeing it in that context. I basically know/have walked/driven almost all of those places. And that CVG song is up there in my list of his rocking rockers to rock to.
So the other day I was driving a work truck (started a new job, its pretty funny) and it was so cold there was steam rising from literally everything. Car exhaust, frozen lakes, every last building. And the sun was insanely bright. There is a killer DJ on my local university radio station that plays music of the ‘americas’. Mostly folk songs and early music from spanish speaking countries. Anyways, he was playing this amazing jam by a dood named Silvio Rodriguez that blew my mind
See here:
Track three. Its a doosey. The bassline kills me. Made me think of you.
So if you find yourself in front of a computer on a tuesday between 12 and 2pm mountain time, go to and stream some shizz..
Take care pal,

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Tribute on CBC Radio’s As It Happens

Starts at 25:33

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