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6 responses to “Chris 2010

  1. Nadya

    I’m a nobody, I don’t know anything. All I know is this: I was at a show tonight, Sharon Van Etten was playing and all of a sudden through the wonder that is communication today, I hear of this news. News I don’t want to believe, news that I can’t believe. I’ve never known Chris all that well, barely really, and upon hearing this awful news I realize that I will never know him to the amazing extant that I am sure existed to others. Again, I’m nobody, a friendship based so loosely as to be invisible. But I will say this/ Upon meeting Chris and Rena, these people struck me instantly as comrades and compatriotes. They were funny, giving, present fellows who realized the terrible sound quality of our present venue situation and how unreal it was that it such audio crimes could be continued. Who really cares. At this point (still basically riding out the shock and disbelief) I am only thinking about how the tenderhearted ones who rely on this lovely and tenderhearted person are going to get by in the hours to come and how the music that my less than forgiving soul believes Chris should and could have been produced will no longer exist, and will now ring silent. I am confused, angry and in shock. Please take comfort where comfort is offered.


    • Rena K

      Thanks Nadya! That was the best day. And forget the crappy sound, how about those LED blaster lights all over that gorgeous heritage building? Toronto identity crisis!

  2. RIP Chris. Love to family and friends.

  3. Thomas

    Can’t state enough how much joy and happiness this man gave me with the music he played and what he did with a guitar. Thank you Chris, you recorded my two favourite albums.

  4. I met him shortly during last year’s tour with The Dodos, in Spain, and he was so nice! He seemed to really have his heart in the right place. My condelences from spain.

  5. bonnie liittle

    playing for jesus now…………….my heart goes out to family and friends!

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