Thank you Rena for loving him


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8 responses to “Thank you Rena for loving him

  1. Dave B

    Saw Women live and it was one of the best experiences of my life. Two records that surely changed my life. I can only imagine he was as great a person and friend as he was a musician. He will be sorely missed. RIP

  2. Matt Yuzwa

    Tragic my friend, in numb phase right now. Everyone who knew you was truly better off because of it. I wish we wouldn’t have grown apart over this past while but I will always cherish the memories I now have left. You always followed your dreams and I will never forget the passion and creativity that I know encompassed your whole life, even though I only saw the latter part from a great distance. Too many emotions are flooding through right now; my heart fully goes out to you Rena, everyone in the Reimer family, and Chris’ bandmates past and present. Again, this loss is truly tragic my friend. I have missed, and will now have to continue to miss you. So so long, farewell my friend, I’ll see you again, but only time will tell if I ever meet a better man… perhaps I never will.

  3. Megha Sinha

    RIP. one of my favorite guitarists of all time ❤

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  5. Terribly sorry for your loss. I love the music of Women and have written about it at my site on several occasions. Chris seemed like a really genuine person and we wish his family and friends the best.

  6. Rick Kerr

    I am shocked to hear this terrible news. I will forever miss you. I am saddened that we had grown apart the last couple years. We had some great times together. All day I have been reminded of the great things we did together. I will never forget those memories. You are one of the smartest and talented people I have ever met. I am truly a better person for knowing you. I pass along my condolences to your family and loved ones. You will trully be missed. RIP Chris.

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