Dan from Faux Discx

Hi Nikki,

I just wanted to get in touch and offer my condolences to you and your family. I met Chris on a number of occasions through playing with Women, with whom my band (Cold Pumas) played  a variety of shows with in the UK. He was a sweet and funny guy and we hit it off with him and the rest of the band straight away.

Later I’d release a split 7″ single with Women’s song ‘Bullfight’ on it which also featured us, aswell as Mike’s other band Friendo and another band with whom Women became friends with in the UK called Fair Ohs. We saw it as our friendships solidified on wax.

The song Bullfight has one of my favourite ever guitar lines on it and it comes courtesy of Chris, the guy was an absolute genius. Michael Wallace was in the UK last week and he was telling me about how Chris just came up with it, and recorded it whilst the rest of the band were outside smoking. Chris will remain one of my favourite guitar players forever and I feel honoured that I could also call him a friend. He’ll be missed by family, friends and fans alike. I’m proud that I was part of helping his music reach people.

I wrote a short piece on the label website here: www.fauxdiscx.com

I’m deeply sorry for your loss,

Dan x

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  1. am really sorry about it thats the way for all of us

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