Marc Rimmer

I first met Chris when we were about 16 years old. It was at a house party and we were playing in two separate but equally outrageous cover bands (well, mine was actually far worse). At the time he introduced himself simply as his last name and, having my name constantly mispronounced as “Marc Reimer” as a child, I thought we were destined to be friend soulmates. I guess it turns out I was right…

Spending the latter half of our teenage years parked out front of a 7-Eleven, we got to know each other really well over Big Gulps, nachos and Mogwai. I thought I knew what friendship was before that, but I really had no clue until I met him. He was the most caring, selfless, humble, funny, empathetic and loveable guy I had ever met — and holy smokes was he ever talented. I was lucky enough to play and tour alongside him in Azeda Booth and a couple other small bands, until his other project got too awesome and had to venture off into the world. WOMEN — what a band. The loud, fuzzy, harsh but oh-so-delicate and melodic noise that is so unmistakably Reimer. Friendship aside, they are one of my favourite bands. Ever. And they even got to do some touring with Mogwai (oooh, the Mogwai). Fulfilling the teenage dream. You did it, Reimer. You did it.

Chris is the kind of guy you only come across and share that kind of connection with once in your lifetime, and I am so grateful for all the time that we got to spend together. He was my best friend… my go-to guy for absolutely everything — happy times, sad times, life advice, drunk dialling, dick jokes — you name it. Today I saw something completely ridiculous so I whipped out my phone to snap a photo for him, like I so often do. I heard him laughing there with me…

These things are so impossible to write. Like a song that you could continue changing and building upon, you’ve eventually got to wrap it up somewhere. Chris was really good at that… I never was. Chris, I love you so much. You were, are, and will always be my best friend, brother, bandmate… everything. There is no way to possibly express how much of an impact you’ve had on my life and how incomplete it is going to be without you. Thank you for everything, and thank you for all the incredible music you’ve left the world. Take care, my friend. I know you’re making a lot of beautiful noise, wherever you are.
Love Always,


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5 responses to “Marc Rimmer

  1. Eesh

    TheSe pictures Are beautiful. I will miss Chris and I am sorry for all of your loss, he was a amazing human being. Much love to you Marc.

  2. Ben

    Christopher, the beautiful music that you created has touched me in ways these past couple years that I will never be able put into words. Your loss has truly affected me. My thoughts to your family, friends and bandmates. RIP.

    Ben from Georgia, U.S.

  3. Ali

    Marc Rimmer introduced me to this wonderful fellow many many years ago, along with the incredible music he created. My love and thoughts go out to you and the rest of your family; as well as Marc, wherever you are. Friendships may drift apart over time but are never forgotten. ❤

  4. meredith diamond

    I am so sorry for your loss ,he will be remembered as a great person. May God be with your family.

  5. Rick Rimmer

    I remember first meeting Chris in my basement, amidst a mass of guitars, a keyboard or maybe two, wiring, mixers, etc. And my first thought? “Damn, they are drinking my beer!” Over the years he continued to occasionally play in my basement, share dinner with us and, of course, continue to drink my beer – though he did bring his own sometimes. A funny, warm, upright guy. Too young to go.

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