Danielle Wensley

I first met Chris in 1999 when we both danced with a youth company called Youth Dance Unlimited. He was very quiet but always friendly and had impeccable comic timing. We quickly developed a friendship and made a habit out of cracking each other up in rehearsals. Chris left the company after my first year to pursue other interests, such as music, which he excelled in. Although I stopped seeing Chris on a weekly basis, our common friends kept me updated on his success. His amazing parents have always been supportive of the arts and I have often seen them at dance events or in the crowd when Chris played with Women.
Though Chris and I lost touch over the years seeing his parents regularly kept memories of him fresh in my mind. I know this will continue.
On the day of his passing, the number of common friends we have was brought to my attention. Though this is a devastating loss, I am positive that the friends that he had, dancers, musicians, writers and artists, will do all that they can to keep his spirit alive.
Chris, the last time I saw you we walked together to a party. This memory of your kindness and friendship will stay with me until we have the chance to walk together again.
rest in peace my friend.

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