Gerlin Heestermans

Dear Nikki,

I just found out about this blog through Twitter. About 24 hours ago I found out about Chris’ passing and was in complete shock and utter disbelief. I, too, did not know Chris that well but what I do know is that he was one of the kindest people in this world. I met the Women guys early 2009 and for me Chris was always the quieter one. Hanging out with them was always a ton of fun though and I have many fond memories. For example, one night there was some sort of weird rainbow light all over Tilburg, the Netherlands and Chris was trying to take a picture of it. My friend Phara, Chris and I were laughing about it and we called ourselves rainbros that night. It just came back to me today. In May when he played here in Brussels with The Dodos I got to know Chris even better and what I will always, always remember is this: I ran up to him, shouted his name and I gave him this big hug and he spun me around. It’s one of the best hugs I’ve ever gotten and it showed to me how much love Chris had to give. He always made time for people and was always so genuinely nice.
I have included a polaroid my friend Phara took of the three of us last May. I love the joy on all three our faces and I’m happy I have this to remember him by.

Wishing all of you so much strength and love.

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