Nikki Reimer (email transcript)

Chr Is to me
Sister!Long time no chat! I have been trying to whatsapp you but it doesn’t seem to be working. Mom said you were getting that mould in yr bathroom fixed. How’s that going? Tell me things!

It’s pretty much business as usual around here. I miss Sophie a fair bit. I’m not sure if Lucy has noticed that she is the only cat or not. But she is 16 and probably a little scattered in the mental department anyways. How are your cats?

Also, could you give me JC’s email address? I keep losing it. I wanted to thank him again for the cello loan, and to ask a question about clarinets…

That’s about all. It was really great to see you whenever I saw you. My sense of time blows. But I hope it’s sooner than later. Xmas?


Reimer out,


Nikki Reimer to Chr Is
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Chr Is to me
Nikki Reimer to Chr Is
Oh that’s funny. When I got your email this morning it was empty.We are both sick! I have a miserable scratchy throat and headache and he has a shitty hacky cough. It’s awesome. And by awesome I mean shitty. However, he just downloaded season 4 of True Blood. So at least we have entertainment.

Mould has been removed and we have a fancy new shower, which takes away the pain of basement living just a little.

Our cats are good. Amy loves Bella so much. Bella grudgingly allows Amy to sit and sleep nearby. Amy’s persistence is something to watch.


Chr Is to me
Being sick is crappy. Almost as bad as being under the weather! Speaking of weather, I picked up a compilation of garage punk rock bands from bc. I guess the loose theme is that they were supposed to write songs about where they are from. And one of the many bands from Vancouver wrote a song called ‘it rains’. The song is about thirty seconds long and they guy just yells ‘it rains it rains it rains’ over and over. It made me think of you.I’ve never seen true blood. Is that a cowboy thing? Would you recommend it? I decided if I am going to keep watching tv it has to be stolen and commercial free. It’s the future baby! Ow!

The cjsw funding drive wrapped up last week, and instead of mix CDs as incentives, some dj’s were giving away memory sticks and the like with 500-1000 songs on them! Crazy town! For a pledge of 1000 bones Rob Faust was giving away his hard drive. Like, 20,000 tracks or something. I wonder what comes next.




Nikki Reimer to Chr Is
ha. the truth is funny/hurts.

true blood is a baroque vampire soap opera. i like it because the catholic schooling has given me an abiding love for over the top supernaturally themed decadence.
20,000 tracks is 5000 hours of music. Or 208 days of music. Which is the better part of a year. That’s too much for me.
I fear the future.
Reimer. Reimer.


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2 responses to “Nikki Reimer (email transcript)

  1. Charlotte Gill

    Nikki, was so sorry to hear about your brother. He sounds like an incredible person. Our thoughts and condolences are with you…

  2. I just got home from being away since Monday and just found out. Words cannot express how sad and sickened I am by this. I spent a couple of nights with Chris and the boys while Women toured through Toronto and Hamilton, and he was so amazingly kind to me. He made me feel like part of the band for God’s sake. I have such amazing memories of those conversations, and after that band split, I saw him playing with Dodos and it just put a smile on my face. Although I know there is more to this life than we think, it hurts to know he isn’t here. My heart aches for his family, his fans, and selfishly for myself and the fact that I can’t see him play again. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

    This is the final conversation and the last time I saw Chris. I will treasure this as long as I continue to do work in Radio. RIP my man.

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