Morgan Greenwood

I met Chris at a hiphop show at the Night Gallery.  The first time we hung out I went to see him playing bass with his Dad on drums for “Batboy the Musical” at Vertigo Theatre.  It was the same day as the last Veritas show.  We became good friends shortly after and we started writing music together and his talent was mind blowing.  He never ceased to continually amaze over the years with every little thing he did.  I was always trying to be on par with him in so many ways.  He always made sure to make me feel loved and appreciated.  We would always yell at each other for not releasing our solo music.  Our favorite thing to do was get drunk and be ipod djs for each other for hours and hours.  I am so grateful to have been friends and am so happy and inspired for all that Chris accomplished in his life.  You were truly one of a kind.  I love you.

Stay strong

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  1. Rena Nicole

    I finally watched this. amazing morgan. I am gonna watch it every day. <3<3<3

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