Thank You

Thank you everyone from the bottom of my heart. The family is shattered, broken, confused and in disbelief, but we are also so comforted and honoured by all of your words and images and thoughts.

We all thought that Chris Reimer was pretty fucking special, and the suggestion that others thought he was a fraction as amazing is buoying us up in this surreal time.

I can’t post the tributes as fast as they are coming in; if yours has not yet shown up please be patient. It will still appear. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and your heart.

Chris was five years and eleven months younger than me, but in so many ways we were twinned. He was my best friend from the moment he was born. We knew each other without need for words, though through the years there was nothing we could not discuss. I always believed and still do that we were two halves of the same soul. There was nothing I would not have done for my brother in life and now that he has moved on, there is nothing I won’t do to remember his spirit on earth.

He was a brilliant artist, a sensitive, intuitive, compassionate soul, and a seriously funny motherfucker.

He mattered. He still matters.

I am broken to have lost my only beloved brother, but I am happy to have gained a sister in his girlfriend Rena, a beautiful, amazing talent in her own right who would have been my sister-in-law, but who now will be my sister, for life.

We are working on final memorial plans and will post them when we can.

I will continue to post your lovely and inspiring messages in the coming days. I also need to give myself time to rest and to grieve privately.

Thank you.

With love,

Nikki Reimer


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2 responses to “Thank You

  1. Sail on my brother, sail on into the night. You will be missed.

  2. Shannon Pennington

    Oh, Chris. Oh, Nikki. Oh, Tim and Jo. It’s been an amazing thing to read through all of these incredible accolades for him. Many from people he hadn’t yet had the chance to encounter personally. It’s an eerie feeling for me these last few days, trying to digest the news, as I’ve apparently been hiding under a rock musically and didn’t even know the extent to which Chris had been sharing his artful gift. Instead, I remember Chris with his dancing shoes on and his sweet, young shy smile and how he always gave it his all, every single time. Apparently this trait carried on into his adulthood – it certainly sounds like he touched many people the same way with his unwavering dedication and quiet humility. I wish I had been able to know him as an adult – he sounds like one hell of a man. To you, Nikki, and to your folks, my thoughts have been revolving around you without pause. I wish you eventual peace and some semblance of calm in the days ahead. What an astounding legacy Chris has created and I hope you can find comfort in the support of all of these voices.
    Be well,
    Shannon (Pennington) Beery

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