A Few Words For Chris

My name is Maud.
I’m Marc’s girlfriend. Chris was Marc’s best friend. The friendship these two had was rare and beautiful.

Through their friendship, I got the chance to meet Chris and the privilege of becoming his friend too. I remember being so nervous right before I met him for the first time cause Marc had told me so much about him. That would probably make him smile, as humble as he was.

I felt like Chris and I were old pals from the moment we met. It was just easy. After a couple of beers and a couple of bad jokes, I was totally comfortable being myself around him. He was one of those people that I wasn’t shy to tell I loved him, I actually yelled it at him drunkenly over the phone many times and I’m happy I did.

I keep thinking of how much he liked speaking fake French and how good he was at it. Every now and then I would say something in French that Marc thought was impossible to pronounce and we would think about how Chris would say it and laugh.

I am so incredibly grateful for all the good times I got to spend with him. I am also grateful for his music that I’ve been listening to for the past 3 days straight. I only wish he knew how amazing of a musician he was.

We called you last Friday, just to say hi and say we missed you. I’m really glad we did.

Je t’aime de tout mon coeur. Now and forever.


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