A Stronger More Agile Hunter

Hi Nikki,

I have known Chris since I was 18, he would have been 21 then. When I first started writing music with my friends and playing shows in a band, it was always awkward and nerve wracking. It wasn’t until I saw Azeda Booth play that I realized how amazing a group of friends can really be. Chris was one of those amazing people. He was also an amazing mentor too. I always thought he was mysterious, with his blue eyes and insanely intuitive guitar playing… I couldn’t help but idolize him. Perhaps that was why it was difficult to speak to him when I lived in Calgary; still growing out of my awkward teenage years and my uncontrolled excitement for everything inspiring. My band would end up playing shows with WOMEN on my birthday two years in a row, and I remember it being some of the best shows we have ever played. I remember him telling me at one of those shows, how much he loved our music and to never stop doing what we do.
Perhaps at that point, I was able to see Chris on the same level. He was so humble and genuinely honest, that I couldn’t help but feel like he was shaking my hand. I no longer saw him as the brilliant musician but rather the beautiful person behind that musician.
We started to exchange e-mails, and I would continue to run into him in different cities across north america. He would still continue to give me advice, always masked by his wit and humor.
From:  Chri Is

Subject:  Re: reimer?

Date:  March 2, 2011 6:16:21 PM EST (CA)

To:  Katie Lee
Friend!! Good to hear from you! Umm, did you kill this eagle? If you did I’m sure you absorbed it’s spirit and now are a stronger more agile hunter!Those long fast food drives are the ones that really hurt the stomach and the soul. But you will be hitting hippy land, and the home of Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods, it will get better on the west coast! Apparently it is pretty nice in that part of the world too. Running is imperative. Physical activity will save your mind from certain disaster.

I am doing pretty well, laying pretty low these days. Are you kids playing sxsw?

Where are you playing in Seattle and Portland? If you are in to old crazy guitars and insano fx pedals you need to go to Centaur Guitars in Portland. It is kind of far from downtown but worth it if you are into the aforementioned things.

Keep fit and have fun!

Talk soon champ!


On 2011-03-02, at 10:57 AM, Katie Lee wrote:
I am terrible,
 I keep on losing your e-mail, but here is my attempt at remember it again.
Tour is going well as a whole, except for the last couple of days, we just did a crazy stint of driving the last 3 days; currently resting in Seattle and later to Portland. I hit an eagle with our roof rack in Dakota and I feel terrible; I have now gained the title ‘eagle slayer’ and nothing can make me feel worse.
We were rushed yesterday, so for food we had: Mcdonalds, Wendys, and Taco Bell – and I feel like a big loaf of depression.
I think to balance my shittiness of the last three days I will go for a run at some point today.
I hope you are well! How is Calgary? Is it true you are going to Europe in the spring? !!
e-mail back sooon,

Thank you Chris. 

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