Michael Halls

I have only briefly spoken to Chris on two occasions, but I feel compelled nevertheless to share two memories I have of him.

Firstly is of seeing him recently at Weeds. Before starting, he announced that he was drunk and proceeded to play an otherworldy, powerful and downright impossible set. Part way through my friend told me that it was “transcendental”, and it was true. The fact that it was improv and that he was drunk made the kind of sounds he was creating all the more insane. Jordan is right in saying that Chris is the kind of person who would simultaneously inspire you and make you want to quit music forever.

Another is of seeing Women play at Comrad Sound maybe two years ago. It was the first show to be held there and was billed as a secret. I was set to play my first show ever there at Comrad about a month later and through working out the details of this show I found out about the secret show. Needless to say, Women floored me. While I was maybe 15 and just beginning to get into the scene, I knew at the time that this would have a profound impact on me. This show was my first all ages concert experience and it seems fitting then that Women are now my favorite band.

I can already see Chris’ influence come up in many places and I know that it will only extend further as time goes on. It is clear that we’ve lost not only an incredible musician but a deeply loved person.

I am extremely lucky to have seen him in my lifetime.


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  1. Rena Nicole

    I love this, the number of times Chris saw any of you younger friends play in your awesome bands his first response was always “I should just quit music”. And we had this debate going as to why someone would go watch another human create something beautiful and not be propelled by it to make more. All I ever wanted him to do was be propelled to make more, and all he ever wanted anyone who saw him perform was to feel something inspiring. You were one of the guys he saw playing, being involved in the community, who made him feel like he should give up – proof that the step towards making something and presenting it is terrifying no matter who you are. Just know he had a mutual respect for you, and every time you see someone play who you think is so awesome that it makes you want to quit you have to let it propel you to do so much more instead. He was only going to get better from where he was, and now the rest of us have to get THAT MUCH better in his place. xox.

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