February 27, 2012

Dear Chris,

You left us approximately one week ago, right now, give or take a few hours. We don’t know exactly what time you left, but our neighbour Sandeep tells us that a meteor crossed the sky at about midnight or one o’clock that night. Apparently there was lightning. We can only assume it was you.

This guy from your Sea Vegetable series now graces my arm. I think you’d dig it; dude did a great job. Jonathon thinks it looks like a turnip, and Mom said it looks like a heart. I just see my brother.

Miss you so much.


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One response to “February 27, 2012

  1. Rena Nicole

    If he were alive he would hate us all walking around with these drawings, but from where he is now he is so happy we all did that. In the blood with ye.

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