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Remembering Chris

Hi Nikki,

First, my deepest sympathies for the loss of your brother. You’ve set up a great site to remember him and it’s really nice, as a person who unfortunately never met Chris personally, to read stories and memories.

I’ve posted an article on my site about Chris and my one and only real memory of his gift.

Video of the Day: In Memory of Chris Reimer

Take care…

Chris Andrade

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Bob van Heur

Dear Nikki,

First of all i want to send my love, support and condolences.

It’s a tragic loss we all can’t and don’t want to understand.

I had the pleasure to work with him and meet him many times with Women and The Dodos.

I saw your blogpost and wanted to send you these 2 videos i made during the last The Dodos tour in May 2011.

One video is from Munich playing with the Dodos, the other one is made in Amsterdam when the Dodos and the Luyas performed as ‘The Doyas’

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Morgan Greenwood

I met Chris at a hiphop show at the Night Gallery.  The first time we hung out I went to see him playing bass with his Dad on drums for “Batboy the Musical” at Vertigo Theatre.  It was the same day as the last Veritas show.  We became good friends shortly after and we started writing music together and his talent was mind blowing.  He never ceased to continually amaze over the years with every little thing he did.  I was always trying to be on par with him in so many ways.  He always made sure to make me feel loved and appreciated.  We would always yell at each other for not releasing our solo music.  Our favorite thing to do was get drunk and be ipod djs for each other for hours and hours.  I am so grateful to have been friends and am so happy and inspired for all that Chris accomplished in his life.  You were truly one of a kind.  I love you.

Stay strong

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in memory of chris reimer: Kaelen Amara Ohm

in memory of chris reimer from Kaelen Ohm on Vimeo.

christopher john joseph reimer
january 19, 1986 – february 21, 2012

in loving memory, this video was made in southern california where a small memorial site now sits overlooking the ocean.

music by chris reimer – march 23, 2011 in Minneapolis


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Logan Kroeber

This was my last correspondence with Chris. Despite being brief it says so much about him. Even in passing he was the thoughtful, creative, and hilarious person I will miss so much. I was so excited at the prospect of writing songs together, touring the world, and all the other little plans we made. I wish I would have told him that. But still, I’m so glad that my last words to him could let him know that we loved him, and we were missing him already.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012 2:38 PM

Don’t lose any fingers in this cold snap bud. It’s freezing at night down here so I can only imagine what’s happening up there. Saw this the other day: a reminder of warmer times in Cowtown. Hope you and Rena are swell!

Thursday, January 19, 2012 5:03 PM
Bro City!!!!

Its the very truth. Its been the fuck cold up here for a little while. But it was so nice right before, it must be wreaking all kinds of havoc in the animal kingdom. I just hope they have access to jackets. Preferably made out of their own skins. Anyways…
Thanks for the vid and warm wishes!! I have never seen a skate video shot in cowtown before, its pretty cool seeing it in that context. I basically know/have walked/driven almost all of those places. And that CVG song is up there in my list of his rocking rockers to rock to.
So the other day I was driving a work truck (started a new job, its pretty funny) and it was so cold there was steam rising from literally everything. Car exhaust, frozen lakes, every last building. And the sun was insanely bright. There is a killer DJ on my local university radio station that plays music of the ‘americas’. Mostly folk songs and early music from spanish speaking countries. Anyways, he was playing this amazing jam by a dood named Silvio Rodriguez that blew my mind
See here:
Track three. Its a doosey. The bassline kills me. Made me think of you.
So if you find yourself in front of a computer on a tuesday between 12 and 2pm mountain time, go to and stream some shizz..
Take care pal,

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