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Dude That’s Insane: A Tribute to Chris Reimer

Following a year and a half since Chris Reimer’s passing, The Quickdraw Animation Society invites interested animators to contribute to a 10-minute film set to Chris’s music. No previous animation experience is necessary.

Chris Reimer played in the bands The Dodos, Women, Azeda Booth, and Gold. Chris was also a prolific composer of ambient music and a visual artist. His music reached people around the world.

As a musician, artist, and a human being, Chris had a rare talent for inspiring those around him to new creative heights. The Quickdraw Animation Society wants to pay tribute to Chris by creating a collaborative, non-narrative, animated short based around his drawings and music.

The Quickdraw Animation Society will distribute two of Chris’s drawings and a segment of the soundtrack to each animator. Animators will use one drawing as the opening and one drawing as the closing frame of their 20-second animation. Our hope is to have the film completed by the fall of 2014.

Interested artists are invited to submit a brief statement of intent and a sample of their work to Quickdraw. Artists will be selected by members of Chris’s family, friends, and musical collaborators. Quickdraw encourages submissions from everywhere. Quickdraw will provide equipment, studio space, and technical support for Calgary-based artists. Participants (especially those based in Calgary) do not need any previous experience with animation.

Participation in this project is voluntary, although we are pursuing funding to allow for an honorarium for artists. All screening fees from the finished film will be donated to the Chris Reimer Legacy Fund, a charity that funds dance and music training for youth.

A pdf of this call can be found here, and we encourage everyone to spread the word about this project. For more information, contact info@quickdrawanimationsociety.ca


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