Christopher JJ Reimer Memorial Show Recaps!

Mad love and thanks to all the peeps who came out to see our boy’s show at Sled Island last week. (Two weeks ago, I guess. They say you lose time in grief. It’s true. It goes somewhere).

Also, I don’t know that I properly thanked the Sled Island Festival, and Paisley Sim in particular, for so generously making possible this event. From FFWD:

For Sim, however, one exhibition stands out from the rest: the Reimer show at MOCA. “Marc Rimmer curated it and Marc and Chris were best friends for many, many years,” she says. “It’s a collection of photographs of him by many people in his life and then we’re playing many of his unreleased, ambient scores — they’re all so textured.”

The show features a silent auction to raise funds for a foundation in Reimer’s name.

“More than anything, I feel humbled to be able to present it. I loved Chris and I hope that the show is well-received by his family more than anything else.”

 Paisley, it was. THANK YOU.

CBC Calgary’s The Homestretch spoke to Marc in advance of the show.

And BeatRoute interviewed Rena about Gold.

Thanks to DivinerOne/Kathleen Moors for this lovely ambient video:

Kath also took a number of photos that she said made it look like Chris was interacting with me. (Below, with more photos from the show).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here’s a docu-vid I made of the event from footage taken by our aunt Sam. I apologize for the number of times I say Um.

We are working out the legalities of starting a charitable society, and hope to release official details on this site very soon.



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2 responses to “Christopher JJ Reimer Memorial Show Recaps!

  1. Hey Nikki, and friends! What a terrific grouping of energetic folks gathered to support Chris’ legacy! Watching from afar, I felt a flush of optimism and peace. Keep on keeping on, and thanks very much.

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