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For the Family and Friends of Chris Reimer

I had the incredible opportunity of seeing Chris perform with Women a handful of years back in Denver, CO. I only met him in passing that night but I knew he was a beautiful human. From the first moment I heard Women’s self-titled album, he became one of my guitar idols and will forever be an inspiration to me and musicians all over the world. Even though I didn’t know him, he will remain in my heart forever.
I miss you, Chris.
Tim Perry

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Ffwd Article: Remembering Chris

Remembering Chris Reimer

Fast Forward Weekly writers pay tribute to deceased Women guitarist
Published March 1, 2012  by Fast Forward Weekly writers in Music Features

In a city with an experimental music scene still small enough to feel like one big family, it’s been impossible, this past week, not to sense the loss of one of its most tender souls and talented players, Women guitarist Chris Reimer. He passed away in his sleep last Tuesday, February 21, most likely from complications related to a heart condition. He was just 26. Many of us knew him by his impeccable wit, killer hugs and mischievous blue eyes, and many more knew him by his otherworldly command of the six-string, able to issue ethereal torrents of noise and shimmering, hypnotic riffs with equal skill and grace. He will be missed, remembered, and then missed some more, forever. His sister Nikki has set up a memorial blog (, where you can read about the myriad ways Chris left deep imprints on everyone who knew him, and see pictures that show the myriad ways he was a total goofball. Love you, bud. Continue reading

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Remembering Chris

Dear Nikki.

My name is (william) James (J.J.) Mathison — people tend to decide what name I go by…  Chris called me Jimmy.  I like that.

I have been punishing my soft little brain for days to find the right words to express my sorrow to you and your family, to all friends of Chris, to myself.  Mostly I have been drinking;  trying to make some sense of it all.  We did a lot of that together, Chris and I.

We didn’t rely on finding the right words too much when we were together.  No doubt Chris had them there, somewhere in that sad-brilliant mind of his.

We drove around.  We were fucking hilarious.  Everybody knows Chris was fucking hilarious.

We hugged a lot.

Smart people tend to be intuitively unhapppy.  Chris was un-happy a great deal when I knew him best.  This made sense to me.

Stupid-happy people are boring.  Sad-smart people are interesting.  Chris was really goddamn interesting.  I think we bonded.

(in case you’re wondering:  sad-stupid people need to just cheer the fuck up already.) Continue reading


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James Thomson

Chris was a dear friend. In my six years of knowing him, we formed a bond I could never forget or ever hope to duplicate. He changed my life in a thousand small spectacular ways. I am so deeply saddened to lose such a pure and true person.
My deepest sympathies go to his beautiful family, partner, friends, and followers.
With love,
James Thomson
Creatively, and personally, Chris was always a source of inspiration and encouragement. I wrote a poem for him.


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Julie McLaughlin

not enough words, so so so much love. xxoo

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Michael Whelan


I’m very sorry for your loss. I never got to meet Chris in person, but I did get a chance to see Women when they played in Dublin, Ireland in Novemeber ’08. I listen to them almost everyday and was very saddened when I was told of Chris’s death. I made this in pattern collage of his image in Photoshop and wanted to share it with you.
He was an inspirational musician and I wish I had the chance to meet him in person. Thanks for making this site.
Take care

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Hedwig Plomp

Dear Nikki,

Such sad sad news… I’m so sorry for your loss… I have met Chris a few times briefly while he was on tour in the Netherlands with Women, he and the other lovely guys of Women and their music have made a great impact on me (and my friends). He was such a nice and friendly person. It is great you have set up this blog… Much strenght to you, Rena, family and friends.

one photo was taken at the Women/Chad VanGaalen show – VERA Groningen in 2008 by Esther
one photo was taken by me at the incubate festival 2010 in Tilburg.

Hedwig, Groningen the Netherlands Continue reading

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