Gold Losing Your Hair out from Mammoth Cave Records

“We started recording these songs in January 2012 with the intention of spending a couple of months demoing all of our material in preparation for a full length studio album. Our drummer, Chris Reimer, had brought over his beloved 4trk cassette deck, small mixer, and collection of microphones and we spent some days and nights together playing with gear. On February 21, 2012 Chris passed away unexpectedly in his sleep of a previously undiagnosed heart condition. This EP is an archive of the four songs we had completed with Chris on the drums and the console, and is dedicated with so much love to him and the inspiration he filled us with.”

Learn more & purchase on Mammoth Cave Records.

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Dodos new track

From Pitchfork.

Following the dissolution of Women and prior to his tragic death in 2012, guitarist Christopher Reimer quietly joined Dodos– which seemed like an odd, if not impossible, fit. Dodos were a known quantity as an acoustic-and-drums (and loops) two-piece, proving effusive, melodic and spirited in a live setting. Conversely, Women’s turbulent post-punk hovered like a cloud bearing acid rain, as Reimer would often stand completely motionless on stage.

Frontman Meric Long claims that Reimer was a huge influence on Dodos’ new LP, Carrier, and lead single “Confidence” is proof enough. Rather than Long’s typical brassy, open-tuned acoustics, “Confidence” is built on the kind of small, wiry guitar curlicues Reimer would lend to Women’s output. It’s still every bit a Dodos song in the ways that matter the most, though; the melodies are warm and pleasantly rumpled, drummer Logan Kroeber forgoes mundane timekeeping to push and prod Long and in the second half, the two ditch the relative minimalism to hurtle through a breakneck jam of harmonized guitar leads that can be heard as a tribute to a man whose short time with Dodos truly moved them.

Listen to the track on SoundCloud. Pre-order Carrier (out 8/27/13 [our late grandfather’s birthday] on PolyVinyl).

I am looking forward to seeing and hearing Meric and Logan at Sled Island next week, though it will be bittersweet for me. Chris asked me to come to Sled with him the first couple of years of the festival; I never did. Thought I was too busy at work and thought I couldn’t afford the plane ticket. This year I’ve bought a Festival Discovery Plus Pass. Gonna cram in as much Sled as I can. With/without him.


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Freak Heat Waves – s/t | ARGUE JOB

This was an unexpected gem if ever there was one. From the netherest reaches of our Western boundary–fair Victoria–comes this euphonic patchwork of an album, earnestly quilting together an honest structure from what sounds like different albums of roughly the same genre: a mix tape from a cool older brother who never existed. Like a patchwork quilt, however, the self-titled Freak Heat Waves exists as a single entity, a document that varies from song to song just enough to be deliciously different from itself, but not so much that it doesn’t make sense. There is a distinct voice here–even in the instrumental tracks–that hearkens to everything good about this side of the musical coin they’re mining: noise, post-punk, shoegaze and beyond. The single word song titles bring to mind Joy Division at their darkest, and when those beautiful, sweeping guitar arpeggios kick in, you can’t help but be reminded of the now legendary Women. Indeed, perhaps it’s the silenced voice of the all-too-late Chris Reimer, in the producer’s chair, that we can hear as the thread stitching the album together. Have a listen and be reminded of yourself.

via Freak Heat Waves – s/t | ARGUE JOB.

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Elizabeth Bachinsky : Illa Fabulis

Most recently I wrote a book called I don’t Feel So Good which was published again by BookThug in 2012. It was written as a fundraiser for the Chris Reimer Legacy Fund Society. The brother of my good friend Nikki Reimer passed away in 2012 so this fund is to raise money for a scholarship fund for young artists in Calgary, which is where the Reimer family lives. Chris Reimer was an amazing musician and artist.

via Elizabeth Bachinsky : Illa Fabulis.

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by | March 23, 2013 · 11:46 pm

CXXI | Podcasts | Cokemachineglow

With thanks to all of the artists involved, CMG Podcast 121—our most RAWK-centric mix in ages, just in time for summer’s long wind-down—is dedicated to the release of Chris Reimer’s The Chad Tape, a gorgeous song from which you’ll hear below. From Chris’ Bandcamp page:

Some time ago Chad VanGaalen approached Chris Reimer of Women offering to reproduce a cassette tape of Chris’ solo work. Chris started work on this but passed away before completing the project. His closest friends have assembled the songs he intended for the tape, laid it out with Chris’s own writing and artwork and now this tape is available here for you.

All proceeds from The Chad Tape will go to the Chris Reimer Legacy Fund, an organization run by Chris’ family and friends that is dedicated to providing scholarships for children in music and dance education. You can read more about the Legacy Fund, and Chris, here:

It’s well worth your ten bucks, especially for those of us who recognize Reimer’s contributions as a major reason why Women will stand as one of Canada’s all-time greatest bands. It also serves as a terrific late-night companion to this definitely more aggressive (Ty Segall, the Men, a Thee Oh Sees track that kinda sounds like old Dandy Warhols except not shitty, somehow), melodic (new Chad VanGaalen, Each Other, Micachu, Deerhoof), and Books-y (five cuts from their Oddities collection, because…well, because the Books are fucking awesome) podcast. One which also features a closer from the Swans that, with the right candles and incantations, will summon Michael Gira to devour you whole. Maybe I should’ve kept that part a surprise; enjoy anyway, I guess:

Download mp3 (192kbps)

Cover jpeg


via CXXI | Podcasts | Cokemachineglow.

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A guide through the world of new music | Radio | TANK Magazine



The sad and untimely death of Chris Reimer last year heralded the dissolution of the band, Women, he formed with his lifelong friends Matt and Pat Flegel. The loss of a life will always overshadow that of a band, but the absence of Women’s anxiety-laden and claustrophobic post-punk has left our end times short of a fitting soundtrack. Pieced together posthumously by collaborator Chad VanGaalen from a series of ongoing projects, The Chad Tape doesn’t exactly pick up from where Women left off, but it does show that Reimer was intuitively plugged into the spirit of the times. There is slow heat, there is black clang and drone and, in the airless instrumentals, the same sense of burgeoning disaster that was a feature of Women’s best songs.

via A guide through the world of new music | Radio | TANK Magazine.

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Field Tracker – Episode 45

Field Tracker – Episode 45.

via Field Tracker – Episode 45.

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November 29, 2012

On November 29, 2011, Chris Reimer achieved one of his dreams when he got to play live on international television as The Dodos‘ backing guitarist on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, along with Neko Case. I’ve posted the video of their set here.

Thanks to sister Rena Nicole Kozak for noting the auspiciousness of the date! Below is her photo from that night.

Chris on Jimmy Fallon

Thanks are also due to Elizabeth Bachinsky, who on November 17 launched her 4th poetry title, I Don’t Feel So Good (BookThug) at W2 Community Media Arts in Vancouver. Liz most generously decided to make the launch a fundraiser for the Chris Reimer Legacy Fund, and they raised over $900! Hearty thanks are also due to Dina del Bucchia, W2, Sean Cranbury, and musical guest stars TOTAL ICE, Jaime Cullen and Morgan Greenwood.

Photos from the evening are below, courtesy Liz Bachinsky, Jenn Farrell, Ray Hsu.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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I DON’T FEEL SO GOOD book launch & fundraiser | November 17, Vancouver

Vancouver pals, hope you can make it out to this!

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